10 places to grill in Berlin


If you live in Berlin or come to visit someone here, then sooner or later you will want to fry a barbecue or grill, but alas, this can not be done everywhere. Due to the fact that there are people who do not know how to properly handle fire, it is forbidden to burn fires anywhere in Germany. The government of each city individually determines the list of places where it is allowed to make a fire and fry kebabs. Berlin is no exception. In order not to get into trouble and not pay fines for making fire in places not intended for this, study the list below.

List of places where you can barbecue in Berlin

HohenschönhausenAn der LandmarkeHagenower Ring 58
13059 Berlin
FriedrichshainVolkspark FriedrichshainVolkspark Friedrichshain 1
10249 Berlin
KreuzbergGörlitzer ParkGörlitzer Straße 41
10999 Berlin
Prenzlauer BergMauerparkBernauer Straße 47
10437 Berlin
TreptowSchlesischer BuschAm Flutgraben 1
12435 Berlin
TreptowLandschaftspark Johannisthal / OstfugeGroß — Berliner — Damm 1
12487 Berlin
LichtenbergFennpfuhlparkAnton-Saefkow-Platz 5
10369 Berlin
LichtenbergStadtpark LichtenbergScheffelstraße 38
10367 Berlin
TempelhofTempelhofer FeldColumbiadamm 10
12101 Berlin
MitteMonbijouparkMonbijouplatz 3
10178 Berlin

Overview of places where it is allowed to light a fire


Где можно грилить в берлине в фридрихсхайн

In Friedrichshain, there is an excellent Friedrichshain Park, where you can safely grill, grill and relax from the bustle of the city. The place for the grill itself is located on a hill, so you have to take into account the fact that you will have to go up the stairs to it, approximately like the 5th floor. There is a parking lot nearby, where you will have to leave your car and go upstairs with your things on foot. The place there is spacious, there are benches, trees that provide shade. You can play Frisbee or just throw a ball, since the area allows. When you finish the outing, you won’t have to carry all the garbage far, there is an urn nearby.


In the Kreuzberg area, a permitted campfire site is represented by the Görlitzer park. This park is most of all chosen by young people and noisy companies who are not averse to buying here from the locals, selling various things and having fun until night. We do not recommend staying here until dark if you come in a small company or even together.


In Lichtenberg, you can grill at places like Fennpfuhlpark and Stadtpark Lichtenberg


Fenpfulpark is located in the residential area of ​​Lichtenberg, so it is very cozy there. There is enough space for children or adults to run and play ball. But about the grill, it is worth noting the fact that you can burn a fire only in a certain place. You will recognize this place by the benches and a table located there by the lake. Usually they are occupied by huge non-German families from the very morning, so if you want to sit at the table too, come early. Nearby there are as many as 2 Rewe and Norma supermarkets, so it is not necessary to bring what you can buy locally from home

Stadtpark Lichtenberg

This is a great place for a family vacation. There is everything you need for this: benches, tables, a vast space, a lake, bins. Sometimes local bands gather there and hold concerts.

Prenzlauer Berg — Mauerpark

Mauerpark is probably the most popular picnic spot in Berlin. On Sundays, a fair is held here, musicians often perform, and animators amuse children. There are litter bins, but on weekends it does not save from garbage.


Tempelhofer Feld

There is one abandoned airport in Berlin where you can also grill. To do this, you will also have to leave your vehicle outside and walk a little to the picnic area. There are no trees here, so you will be in the open air, take your hats. The nearest store is far away, so take everything with you. There are bins, so you don’t have to go home with garbage.

Is it possible to barbecue on the balcony in Berlin?

In Germany, the Germans grill on their balconies! Yes, but there are a few caveats. The grill must be electric and must not be prohibited by the management of the house and the landlord of the apartment. Some German apartments have very large balconies. why not have a barbecue there. Also, each house has its own laws regarding how many times a person has the right to have a picnic on the balcony during the barbecue season. Sometimes it’s 2-3 times, sometimes 5… Everything is very individual.

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