Electric scooter in Germany — how and where to buy a used one or a new one

So, you have decided to buy an electric scooter in Germany, used or new — it does not matter. Before you do this, you should learn a lot of features and nuances that relate to registration, traffic regulations, construction of electric scooters, etc. Before buying, be sure to know all the necessary information, and only then make a decision, and our article will help you to do it.


What kinds of electric scooters are available in Germany

This type of transport can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Electric scooters with a maximum speed limit 20 km/h and power up to 500 watts (1400 watts in some cases);
  • Electric scooters with speeds up to 30 km/h;
  • Electric scooters with a maximum design speed of up to 45 km/h

What you need to know to buy an electric scooter in Germany with a speed of up to 20 km/h

Самокат в Берлине

➡ Most likely you will consider the first option for purchase. For this case, as of June 2019, Germany has simplified registration measures. So first let’s look at all the nuances for it.

► Do I need to register my electric scooter?

Electric scooters in Germany with a design speed of up to 20 km/h and a maximum power of 500 watts do not need to be registered. (In some cases the power can be up to 1400, if it is not used as traction, but as balancing etc.)

➡ A special ABE or CoC license is given with the purchase of the scooter, which is already a fact of registration.

► How old are you allowed to ride an electric scooter on the street in Germany?

You can ride from the age of 14, and you don’t need a license for this electric scooter. But it is worth learning the basic rules of the road. After all, not only your own, but also the safety of others depends on it. 

► Do I need insurance in Germany for a low-powered electric scooter?

Insurance is the first and most important requirement when buying an electric scooter. We will talk about it in more detail.


➡ To be insured, when you buy the scooter you have to get an ABE or CoC certificate and also the VIN number must be stamped on the scooter.

➡If there is a certificate and VIN code, then the vehicle has already been registered and approved by Kraftfahrtbundesamt.

You go to any insurance company with the purchase documents, certificate and your license and register the vehicle without any problems. Then they send you or give you on the spot a special sticker with the number, which you glue on the back and that’s it, charge 🔋 your new electric horse and go.

The insurance is valid for exactly one year from March 1 to February 28 or 29. That’s why you have to renew it every time, otherwise if you get caught without insurance, you will have to pay a fine of about 70-80 euros. 💲

➡ If you register your scooter in the middle of the year instead of the first of March, you pay only for the remaining months.

Insurance when buying a used electric scooter in Germany

Страхование єлектросамоката в Германии нужно или нет

If you buy a used electric scooter, the insurance is simply transferred to the new owner (you need to inform the insurance company). Or you can terminate the contract and take out a new one with any other insurance company. You should agree on the money with the seller separately.

It does not matter who is the insured and who is driving the electric scooter. In Germany, the principle applies — who is driving the insured vehicle — that’s who is covered by the insurance.


🚩 Note: This information applies to all types of electric scooters.

What to look out for when buying a new electric scooter in Germany

When buying it is worth bearing in mind that not all models can ride on the street on public roads, but only allowed models that must have certain parameters. Which ones we are going to find out now.

✔ An electric scooter must be a road scooter, which means it must have a VIN number, as we wrote about above.

✔ Have a general operating permit or an individual operating permit (issued by the store and containing the VIN code).

☝ Note: There are many non-road electric scooters on the market that are designed to be ridden in the yard or around the big house. Such scooters are not registered or insured, but it is strictly forbidden to ride them on the street.

Of course, you can register such an electric scooter, but in Germany it will cost you a pretty penny, it’s easier to buy a new or used version and not have any problems with it.

✅ When buying in a German store or online, keep in mind that the E-Scooter must be equipped with the following components:

  • front light and rear clearance light;
  • cataphotographs;
  • bell;
  • two independent brakes (one rear and one front or one regenerative and one
  • mechanical).

What you need to know when buying a used electric scooter in Germany

If you decide to buy a used electric scooter in Germany from hand, you only need to consider a few nuances. 

👉 First, the vehicle must meet the parameters that we wrote above: the availability of certificates ABE or CoC, insurance, Vin number.

👉 And secondly, and very importantly, you need to draw up a contract of sale.

You can write it by hand or print it out and fill it in when you buy it. Be sure to fill in all the fields of the contract, which contains the names of the parties, addresses, passport details of the seller and most importantly the VIN number of the electric scooter. We will leave a sample of such a contract for Germany for you below. You can print them out and fill them in when buying with the seller.

Contract of sale forms:

✅ Version ADAC PDF.

✅ Версия от Version Mopedano  PDF.


Checklist: what you need to do to buy an electric scooter up to 20 km/h

So, let’s summarize and make a checklist for the safe purchase of an electric scooter in Germany with a speed of up to 20 km/h.

  1. Find the right one for you and check if it is a road one. (Does it contain a VIN number);
  2. We arrange the purchase: if purchased in a store, we get a package of documents with a warranty, etc.;
  3. If you buy used, you sign a sales contract and get an ABE or CoC certificate from the seller;
  4. We go to the insurance company and get the electric scooter insured. (In the case of a used version, taking a document of insurance from the former owner and can ride until March 1. Well, or immediately re-register to yourself.

What you need to use electric scooters in Germany with a speed of up to 30 km/h.

Можно ли ездить без прав на самокате со скоростью 30 в Германии

✅ In addition to everything that was said above, you need to have a certificate of passing the DMD exam.

✅ Reach the age of 15.

✅ Have a helmet.

✅ It is not necessary to register such a scooter separately, as with the above option to make insurance and go.

Requirements for an electric scooter up to 45 km/h

Что нужно для покупки самоката со скоростью 45 кмч в Германии

Such a vehicle is already considered a moped, so you need a category AM license, as well as registration and insurance, as in the case of buying an ordinary vehicle. Here you have to go to the service center and get a certificate of registration.

Where to buy a used electric scooter in Germany

єлектросмокаті ибей в германии

✅ Good options can be found on specialized sites like:

  • eBay Kleinanzeigen;
  • Quoka.de;
  • Facebook Marketplace;
  • offline marketplaces with new and used options.

✅ When buying online, always ask for a certificate, insurance, and make a sales contract.

😜Have a great ride.

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