Where and how to find a bike in Germany for free

If you are in Germany, you have noticed how cycling is developed here. Soon you yourself will want to buy a bike, but if there is not much money for it or you just want to try yourself as a cyclist, then there is an opportunity to get this bike for free.


Where will we look for a free bike

So, all the markets, shops, flea markets and so on will not suit us, because they are markets for that, so that things are betrayed there, and not given away for free. Here we will be helped by the well-known in Germany platform for private ads Ebay Kleinanzeigen. On this site you will not only be able to buy an inexpensive used. bike in Germany, but also get it for free.

How to Search Free Bikes on Ebay Kleinanzeigen

This site has a section called zu verschenken, where people give away things they don’t need absolutely free. There we will look for our bike. We select the heading zu verschenken, enter the word «Fahrrad» in the search field, which translates from German as «bicycle» and see what options there are. I must say right away that it may be that there are no options at all at the time of the search, but if there are, then some terrible, broken or completely rusty ones. Of course, you won’t be able to choose an ideal used bike for free, but you can find a more or less worthy option.

How to get the selected bike for sure

It is worth considering that this site is home to many resellers and hunters for free goods, which they can then resell at a flea market, so you will have to act like them. What does it mean? You look at the proposed options several times a day, or even several times an hour, and as soon as you notice that an ad with a free bike has appeared, write to the seller, or rather to the person who wants to donate this bike.

Here you no longer have time to ask how many speeds the bike has, what wheel diameter, and so on, all you need to know is written in the ad. If you see that the option is worthy, then write immediately, but rather prepare a blank somewhere in your notes that you can copy and send immediately.

How to write a draft

It is very important that in the message that you write to the owner giving away your bike, indicate the reason why you need this bike, tell a little about yourself and how quickly you are ready to pick up this bike. You must be extremely kind and may respond to your message. Do not worry if they don’t answer you the first time, maybe someone has already outstripped you or wrote a story that is closer to the person than yours. Looking for more. We write, we negotiate. And below I will write you an approximate example.

Hallo (Name),
ich habe ein großes Interesse an das Fahrrad und werde mich sehr freuen es zu bekommen 😊.
Ich heiße Anna. Ich bin Studentin und studiere Naturwissenschaft. Ich habe immer von einem Fahrrad geträumt, weil ich für Umweltschutz bin und mich auch für Sport interessiere. Ihr Fahrrad ist wirklich eine großartige Entdeckung für mich!
Ich kann heute jederzeit kommen und bin jederzeit erreichbar.
Liebe Grüße


After you have arranged a meeting, take care of a small present. It can be chocolate or gummies or something else. The person will be happy and so will you. At the meeting, try to ask the seller to write a sales contract just in case. Read more about this agreement in a separate article. Well, if a person doesn’t agree, then it’s okay, it’s unlikely that someone will steal a bicycle to give it to you later. Take a screenshot of the announcement and your correspondence, and in which case, you will have evidence that you did not steal this bike, but received it as a gift.

If you do not know how to choose an inexpensive good used bike in Germany, then read this article on our website.

Happy rides!

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